About Compensation Systems, Inc.

In business since 1971, Compensation Systems Inc. (CSI) is a leading firm in designing and administering business retirement plans. With our comprehensive services, up-to-date expertise and personal attention to detail, CSI partners with individuals and companies in preparing a financial roadmap, helping to identify, document and manage their retirement planning goals and preparing for all possibilities. We simplify administration, compliance, and plan operation. We provide valuable resources and provide an open, trusted long-term relationship, complementing any HR department. Our obligation is to our clients, helping them make the best, informed financial decisions regarding their retirement goals and dreams.

Why Work with Us

Having the right retirement plan is vital to your company's success. Your employer depends on it. And you need it to continue to attract and retain the best available workforce. But retirement plans are complex and time consuming to manage properly. With these high stakes, you need to feel confident in your retirement plan consultant.

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Retirement Plan News

Changes in retirement plan trends and laws are common. Our Retirement Plan News keeps your up to date.
Is Your Company Match Achieving its Objective?

What is the true objective of your company match? Is it intended to help your employees save more for retirement? Is it used as a tool to recruit new employees? Do you offer a match to incentivize lower paid employees to save more in order to improve your nondiscrimination test?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to ease your confusion and help you better understand the ins and outs of your retirement plan.
Employee Communication Strategies for All Seasons
With all the uncertainty in the marketplace, there is likely no better time to provide education to your participants then there is today! Education may consist of the following vehicles: employee meetings, webinars, memos, flyers, payroll stuffers, or mailers(just to name a few). 

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