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Our Commitment to Expertise & Excellence

C(k)P® - Certified 401(k) Professional

The C(k)P® Certified 401(k) Professional Designation represents the pinnacle of achievement for the professional Retirement Plan Advisor, recognizing a combination of substantial practical retirement plan management experience, and the completion of a comprehensive and highly specialized educational program. To earn the right to use the C(k)P® designation requires more than just academic aptitude. A financial professional must have demonstrated real world application of the core competencies taught in the classroom.

CASL® - Chartered Advisor of Senior Living

A CASL has completed extensive course work to assist clients in making the decisions faced in retirement, including when to claim Social Security, how to take pension distributions, choosing annuities, and deciding between residential options. Identify and analyze health and long term care financing alternatives for seniors, decisions about investment and estate planning and understanding the psychological, biological and sociological factors facing older clients in order to more effectively meet their unique needs.

AIF® - Accredited Investment Fiduciary

A Fiduciary By law is required to always act in the best interests of their client, beneficiary, and retirement plan participants. AIF designees have the training necessary to ensure that an investment process is managed to an appropriate fiduciary standard of care.

ChFC® - Chartered Financial Consultant

A ChFC has completed the most extensive education program required for financial services credentials. Each ChFC has taken 8 or more college level courses with over 400 hours of study time. ChFC are required to serve with the highest integrity and professionalism.

CLU - Chartered Life Underwriting

A CLU is the highest level designation for life insurance expertise. The program requires 8 or more college level courses, and provides in depth knowledge of insurance for individual, business owners and professionals.

QKA - Qualified 401(k) Administrator

A QKA is a retirement plan professional who meets the necessary course work, exam, and years of experience. They assist employers with recordkeeping and administration.



All of the above require continuing education

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