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Client Satisfaction & Benchmarking Study

Compensation Systems, Inc. teamed up with The Gregory Group to take part in their client satisfaction and performance benchmarking study. The Gregory Group, a Washington-DC based independent consulting firm, has designed the study to give feedback on key areas of service excellence.

We participated in the study to get meaningful and measurable feedback on our client experiences with us, the elements of service that are most important for your satisfaction, and ways we might improve.

13 TPAs provide the study to their plan sponsors and over 2,000 plan sponsors participated in the study.

CSi_Client Benchmark Study.jpg

Overall Relationship Satisfaction

CSi's overall satisfaction verses the average of all that participated in the study

What Our Clients Said About Us

  • Provide personalized relationship.

  • They are helpful for a small non-profit like our(s) in helping us make sure we are compliant and efficient in giving this benefit to our employees.

  • Always available to answer questions.

  • Resolves issues quickly.

  • Always there when needed; we know who to go- we've always had a great face-to-face relationship. Even when a person moves on, we immediately know the transition.

  • We were very impressed with CSi in our RFP process- they anticipated our needs, worked on our time frame, and were available as needed for meetings, etc.

  • CSi has been assessing our need and evolving our program for years and has served us well.

  • They are great at customer service.

  • They provide superior service.

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