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Our Promise

Compensation Systems, Inc. is a market leader in designing, administering, and communicating business retirement plans. We are dedicated to providing strategies for long term financial security for our clients and their employees.

Provide Personal Service
Make Your Job Easier
Deliver Results

We recognize that your time is valuable, and at Compensation Systems, Inc., we ensure timely, efficient and accurate information in a professional and confidential manner. Our service is very personal.


We see each client several times throughout the year for committee meetings, enrollment meetings, financial wellness seminars, plan reviews, and plan support.


Our office phones are answered by a "live person" to support personal service and to prevent the frustration caused by voice mail when you need answers.

We provide support to simplify administration, compliance, and plan operation for our clients and their staff.


For example, many retirement plans are set up so the client has to contact different companies to get a variety of questions answered.


Compensation Systems, Inc. aims to make your job and information access easier because we serve as a first point of contact. All questions can be directed to our office and, in many cases, answered immediately.

We are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients.


We continually review plans and monitor opportunities, thereby helping to ensure plan objectives are addressed.

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