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Why Work With Us?

Here are some of the ways a partnership with CSi can help you.

Get back to business

  • Many of our clients lack a dedicated staff person to manage their retirement plan. Consider us an extension of your human resources team. You can leave the myriad of details involved with retirement plan administration to us and focus on what you do best-managing your business.

Build a better plan

  • Benefit from our expertise in this complex area. We'll help you structure your retirement plan offerings to give you the best chance of achieving your goals. We'll also keep you in compliance with frequently changing regulations.

We keep it simple

  • Leave the complexity to us. Retirement plans have many moving parts. We'll arrange them so the plan is straightforward to administer, complies with all rules, and is valued by your employees. We'll give you all the information you need to know-in plain English. For your employees, we can simplify their retirement planning by providing them individualized consultation.

Your single point of contact

  • Details get overlooked when one service provider handles your plan's legal and administration needs, another takes care of employee communications and investment reviews, and a third handles plan transactions. Because we can handle all of these needs for your company, ours is the only phone number you'll need.

We're always available

  • Our clients get to know us well-and we get to know our clients well-speaking with them frequently. We pride ourselves on a personal touch. From the live receptionist answering our phones to an office full of genuinely caring individuals, you'll appreciate our commitment to your business and the success of your plan.

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